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The Power of Steam

Steam2Nothing cleans and disinfects better than steam! Steam lifts stains, dissolves grease and grime, destroys odors and kills germs in seconds. ClearBlu Services has harnessed this power to direct it to where you need it most; your dirty trash bin or dumpster.

Residential Services

ClearBlu Services will visit your residence on trash day so there’s no need for you to drag your bin to the curb again. At the curb, we will clean your bin(s) and then return it to a place of your choosing clean, sanitized and fresh smelling. Starting at $9.50 the first bin and $7.00 each addiitonal.

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Commercial Services

ClearBlu Services offers professional commercial dumpster cleaning services that will help keep your business property free of germs, odors, and vermin. We also have the ability to power clean dumpster pads, service and guest entrances and much more. Starting at $100 for the first dumpster and $75 for each additional.

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When’s the last time you cleaned your dirty dumpster?

I remember it well. To board the school bus from elementary we had to walk past the school cafeteria’s dumpsters. The combination of rotting milk, decaying food and roach waste is a smell you can’t forget. Worse was the sticky, sludge draining from the dumpsters that we would often walk through.

When did we decide it was okay to live and work alongside dirty dumpsters and trash bins? It’s not okay. Finally, there is something we can do about it. Enter ClearBlu Services, your professional dumpster and trash bin cleaners.

We Are Your Dumpster and Bin Cleaning Experts

Our Cleaning Process

We come to your site on trash day. We wash your bin or dumpster on the spot so you don’t have to wait for a return time.

Cleaning your bin or dumpster is accomplished in a matter of minutes. Our steam cleaning heads remove gross soils from every square inch or your trash receptacle. Blasting steam and water at over 200 degrees kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and odors almost immediately resulting in a container that is truly sanitized.

After your trash receptacle is sanitized, we deodorize each container with an eco-friendly solution designed to keep odors at bay but not attract insects and animals.

Upon completion we will return your dumpster or bin to a place of your choosing, clean, sanitized and fresh smelling.


A: We follow local trash schedules and holidays. Service will normally take place the day your trash is collected. If, for some reason, we are unable to clean your bin as scheduled we will notify you ASAP. We will also offer to reschedule or refund your money for that cleaning.

A: Yes… but. We inspect each bin before lifting it into our hopper. We remove any odd items that may be stuck to the sides or bottom of your bin. We will bag those items and take them with us. We are happy to remove the occasional full bag or two to clean your bin. We will place those bags back in your bin after we have completed your service.

A: That depends on a number of factors. We would be happy to talk with you and help you decide what might be best for you. If you decide that you need more or less service than you are currently receiving from us, we can adjust that too.

A: Absolutely, we offer a number of service options on our website. If you feel you need a different plan, please contact us and we will see how we can help you.

A: First time cleans will be immediately noticeable. We also place a small strip of blue masking tape on your lid so you know we have been there.

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