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Drain and Sewer Line Jetting

What is Hydro Jetting? 

We’ve all probably experienced the “thrills” of operating a toilet plunger. Many of us are also familiar with the unpleasantness of using a drain, or pipe snake. While these tools have their place, they are not always effective at removing stubborn clogs and major buildups in drain and sewer lines. 

When the matter involves severe clogs, toilet plungers sometimes merely push the clog further down the drain without breaking it up. They can even compress the clog without moving it all; making a bad situation worse.

Similarly, drain snakes often only drill holes through the clog but rarely remove it entirely.

By contrast, hydro jetting is the process of pushing a pressurized column of water through a pipe to remove the clog or blockage entirely. What’s more, many of the spray nozzles used in this process are also designed to clean the walls of the pipe as target clog. The result is a drain or sewer line that will usually remain open much longer than a line serviced by a pipe snake.

What Set’s ClearBlu’s Hydro Jetting Service Apart from Others?

Confirmability: ClearBlu wants you to know for certain that your drain and sewer lines have been cleaned to the maximum extent possible. ClearBlu will run a camera through your drain lines before and after your lines have been jetted. ClearBlu has the ability to record images, and video as well as voice files detailing the condition of your drain lines. These recordings can be copied to a thumb drive and kept for your records. ClearBlu can also identify and locate any problem spots your lines might have in the event that repairs are necessary.

Heat: ClearBlu’s Hydro Jetting service is unique because we can heat our water up to 225˚F before we send it through your pipes. FOG, clogs, other gross build ups and even ice in your pipes do not stand a chance against high pressure, heated water. Additionally, because we use heated, pressurized water we are not reliant on harsh chemicals that can harm the environment, upset municipal sewer systems and stain expensive fixtures when spilled.

Cleanliness: It might seem counterintuitive to add water to a clogged pipe that is already full of water. In fact, a drawback to hydro jetting is the amount of water that can backup out of the pipe and onto your floor until the clog or blockage is broken up.

Not to worry! We like things clean and have all the equipment we need to extract any overflow of water. Even better, we have special attachments designed to keep water from overflowing in the first place. In any case, we are committed to leaving your facility cleaner than we found it.

Not for Emergencies Only!

  • Opt for a Hydro Jetting Maintenance Schedule and enjoy the benefits of hydro jetting any time.
  • With a Hydro Jetting Maintenance Schedule you can…
    • Stay ahead of the issues you know you will eventually face.
    • Prove to insurance companies and municipalities that you have done your due diligence.
    • Enjoy the simple comfort of watching water go down the drain like it should.
    • Save money in the long run.

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