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Dear Property Manager, 

I am writing to introduce my company, ClearBlu Services, and a unique service we offer. We can clean your dirty trash bins and dumpsters! 

Please, allow me a moment of your valuable time to explain why we ask you to consider our unique yet vital service. 

They say art imitates life. That's certainly true concerning dirty trash bins and dumpsters. When a solid waste container is portrayed in a movie it is almost always dirty. To "set the scene," there is at least one actor who complains about the stench.

In real life, dumpsters are often dirty… and unhealthy. 

When did we decide living alongside rancid, dirty dumpsters and trash bins was acceptable? Perhaps we live with the filth because we don't know there is another option. This is where ClearBlu's unique service becomes so vital. With the service we offer, the communities you manage will no longer have to tolerate a health hazard that by any other standard is intolerable.

Beyond providing a unique answer to an age old problem, ClearBlu's trash bin and dumpster cleaning service is beneficial for the following reasons.

  1. Our system not only cleans, but sanitizes the inside AND outside of each trash and recycling bin we service. Most importantly, we do this in a manner that protects families and neighborhoods from the hazards and unpleasantness commonly found in, and around trash and recycling bins. 

  2. Our system is environmentally friendly, as it primarily uses high pressure hot water and steam. On the ocassions that we need to add more cleaning power to our steam, we use only “Green Certified” cleaning solutions that are made of EPA approved GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients.  

  3. Our system is also fully self-contained. We bring everything needed to clean your dirty trash bins and dumpsters with us. Additinally, we take it all with us when we leave. Our cleaning units collect roughly 90% of the wash water we generate to avoid urban run-off. Our systems ensure that no harm comes to the storm water system and living environment that makes the neighborhoods you manage such pristine places to live. After our service is completed, the grey water we collect is offloaded safely at an approved water treatment facility.

  4. Our system would enhance the aesthetic look and value of your communities by reducing malodors, bacterias, viruses, molds and funguses found in and around their bins; where they are placed curbside and where they are stored for trash and recycling collection until trash day.

  5. Finally, not only does our system reduce any health risks involved in the handling of trash and recycling bins by your homeowners, it also helps reduce the attraction of insects, rodents, and scavenging animals to your neighborhoods.

For further information about ClearBlu Services and our residential trash and recycle bin cleaning, visit our website at 

ClearBlu Services has positioned itself for rapid growth due to our effective products and excellent service record. We fulfill our commitments and deliver quality service. 

If you would like a list of references or have any questions you can contact me at (406)539-4140 or e-mail me at 

I look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss how we can help maintain a healthier and cleaner community for your homeowners. 


Blu Kropp

ClearBlu Services


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